Almost all Internet users have some favorite sites which they visit quite frequently and look for updated or changed content on those websites. One of the ways to keep updated about the changes in the website is by subscribing to the sites Feed / RSS. Webmasters who understand the importance of RSS offer RSS service, but there are still a lot of webmasters who do not offer RSS feeds on theie sites. In such case it becomes a waste of time to visit the site over and over again to look for changes, especially when there are no changes in the destination website.

This problem, is solved with a software known as the Changes Meter. Since this is MAC based, once installed in your Mac it will automatically notify you about any change be it a minor or a major one in the sites you register with it. The notification is graphical which helps you understand things better. All changes are notified by a pie chart icon in the menu bar of your Mac system in a colorful manner so that you can stay up to date about the particular site. The software can also be used to track static files on your system or any other system on the LAN or intranet.

After installation it notifies you any change through its Roster window where all the urls which you have visited are stored. The best part is that it also stores all the disabled urls so that you can be aware of their status and don’t have to waste your time in visiting them. It also records the last visit date of the website by the user and also the last changes on that site or the file.

A configuration option is also available which helps you in choosing the checking option of any particular URL and you can set tracking intervals, where the software checks for the changes automatically after set interval. This saves a lot of time for any user as it avoids you to manually check the status.

[ Download Changes Meter ]


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