Utility Tool Mx Skype Recorder Stores Voice Conversations On Pc Effortlessly

Messaging service providers such as Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger etc, are those service providers who render unlimited free calls from one personal computer to another.

This is really a great service, but to a few miscreants who actually misapply these services by harassing or stalking other users. With the help of a new utility tool, individuals or users can actually record any voice communication as evidence; and lodge an abuse report or complaint.

This new utility tool named Mx Skype recorder version3.5 will allow users to record those voice conversations they had with their dear ones as memorable recordings.

This tool is truly brilliant as it supports users to record the voice communications for multipurpose, one can store recordings to protect themselves, whereas others can store recordings to remember the sugary voice chat they had with their loved ones.

If individuals or users are really interested in utilizing this brilliant utility tool to commence recording their skype, gtalk, yahoo-messenger voice conversations, they need to just install a miniature “Chat-Call-Recording-Tool” on their computer system.

This utility tool has both manual and automatic mode taping options in it, and it can be used only for voice call recordings but not for any text messages recording. If its settings are set to automatic taping mode, it will commence automatically recording all of your conversations without a manual involvement.

If users wish to record only certain Personal Computers calls, then they need to set its settings to manual mode.

This utility tool also supports windows live messenger and other voip voice communication tapings. It manages all your voice conversations into mp3 format, and it also stores the same in wav, wma or pcm formats respectively.

Set of few simple steps to be followed in order to set settings, commence taping skype voice conversations and store the same on your computer system at defined location are listed below:

  • First of all launch Mx Skype recorder by clicking on its icon that is displayed in systems tray.
  • Now, run the voice messenger service providers such as skype, yahoo-messenger, gtalk or windows live messenger.
  • Now, make an outbound call to a person utilizing communications service provider such as Skype, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, or any alternate voip program
  • Now, once users have completed their voice communications, this utility tool mx skype recorder will store their voice conversation in an mp3 file format on computer system.
  • Finally these files can be retrieved anytime whenever the users wish to listen.

Instantly download this utility tool Mx Skype recorder to get started with taping all your voice communications on Personal Computers effortlessly.


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