Utility Tool To Increase Disc Space And Delete All Duplicate Files

Most of the time, while working on computer system, an individual has a tendency of storing same files in various locations or drives, maybe accidentally. The end result is that these files unnecessarily occupy more space and lead to reduced memory in your computer system or hard disc space shortage.

In order to maintain hard drive space and clean up all duplicate files stored accidentally, users commence deleting them one after another frequently by assessing the original and duplicated files.

Then it will truly be considered as a terrifying endeavor to users, particularly when they have a huge number of data files stored on their hard disc.

To tackle the above mentioned scenario, a brilliant utility tool is introduced which is efficient, quick and flexible namely “fast duplicate file finder”, it will truly function like a miracle.

This utility tool is a Freeware, and it functions very efficiently in assessing duplicate files with in your computer system, and then deletes them automatically within a minute.

Also its very easy to use once installed users can view its icon in the system tray; they just need to do a double mouse click on it to make it work.

This tool has an intelligent, uncomplicated user interface, users need to select the folders or drives to be scanned and it will automatically extract all repeated files from computer system

Users also have the options of scanning Sub-folder and Hidden-files, which might take a little more time.

After extraction of these files from your drives or folders, it will display the list of all repeated files with a preview option for users to decide which one of them to be deleted.

This utility tool fast-duplicate-file-finder is easily attuned with every Windows operating system and occupies a memory space of just 1.6mega bytes. Users can download fast-duplicate-file-finder utility tool at the earliest to increase memory space on your computer system and avoid the buildup of all unnecessary files in your computer system.


  1. Nice post. Another tool that I’m using is “DuplicateFilesDeleter” It finds and delete duplicate files.


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