To stabilize the performance of your hard drive you need to conduct frequent scans on its performance. It is easy to access the detailed information of the hard disk, but it is difficult to judge its performance by you. However, with the latest HD Tune Pro application, you can easily monitor as well as improvise the performance of your hard disk. HD Tune Pro is one of the most potent hard disk utility tools available today. This compact tool allows you to thoroughly scan your hard drives. Its advanced features help you detect the errors and anomalies in your disk and fix them.

This application has an extremely intuitive graphical interface. It allows you to access varied tabs to gain information from the program. The major and the most optimised tabs is benchmark. Benchmark analyses the performance of your drives. This tab provides you with the complete details on the drives including, firmware version, disk capacity, buffer size, transfer mode etc.
HD Tune Pro is the advanced and extended version of HD Tune.

This application is loaded with advanced features like benchmark; secure erasing, folder usage view, disk monitor, AAM settings, command line parameters, file benchmark and many more. Further, this application can also be used to check all the storage devices in your system. You can easily conduct a thorough scan of devices like memory cards, iPods, USB sticks etc. You can only run this application via an administrator account. It is easily supported by all the versions of Windows Operating system.

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