Not an everyday incident that a friend who you rarely talk to, msgs you to check out a video. I thought it must be some really interesting video, which my friend could not stop himself from asking me to watch it… one of those brilliant viral videos, you know what I mean.

How ever, when I followed the link, I was asked to login using my GTalk login credentials ! Thats fishy ! .. why am I supposed to login to watch a video ? Doesn’t make any kind of sense.

I deicded to do a bit of background check before I’d go ahead. First I checked with my friend immediately to see if he actually wanted me to watch that video and how important it was for me to login to watch it .. My friends response was ” … errr hmm… what video ??? ” . Next I did a who is look up on and this is what it had to say .. is spamming every one beware !s

Which means, it was just registered a couple of days ago. A Spam Video site with twist. Viral way to get new visitors to a new site.

Searching some more on Google for “Viddyho spam” returned this resutl –

Spammers these days are getting too smart. If I had logged in using my credentials, then I am sure all my contacts would have been bombarded with the same message what I got. And since it comes from a known contact, most if not all would be curious to check out to see what ‘The Video” is all about and would end up keying in their personal details.

Stay away from and if possible let your friends know it wasn’t you who actually sent it but you were tricked too.


Those looking for how to remove Viddyho, please read this.


  1. so what should I do if I was stupid enough to give my info? I already changed my password, but they have my email address.

  2. I don’t know if godaddy will take it down, but last when i saw, they had a different home page and now its changed ! Strange ! Also, I recommend everyone to change their password if they had used to login on as i did not see and TOS on their website, which is again signs of SPAM

  3. Amy, changing your password helps. But i don’t think its managed by a professional team, or i hope so that should help those who already are victims of it !


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