VideoLAN Released VLC Media Player version 1.0 Making The Major Milestone

You might have come across the codec type of dependency problem where some media files cannot be played on your desktop. To overcome this or to reduce such dependency and inconvenience on different types of codec, VideoLAN has constantly improved its media player VLC.
They provide a free of cost open source multimedia framework and streaming solution for both, home and office use. In recent times, VideoLAN attained milestone of great importance with VLC Media Player version 1.0 with some enhancements except bug fixes.

VLC is well known for its cross-platform compatibility and it is also a well known open source media player. VLC is capable to faultlessly play all formats of video files without any dependency of system codecs, while allocating media streaming in your digital home. The new VLC version 1.0 has released with some of the enhancements like latest High Definition codec support like Real Video 3/4.0, TrueHD, AES3 and Blu-Ray Linear PCM.

It also supports some new formats such as M2TS, Raw Dirac and many more. In addition, it supports video controlling such as advanced speed controls, frame-by-frame support and instant pausing, live recording, video scaling in full screen for much superior visual experience. On top of this, the new VLC version 1.0 has came up with a great features i.e. zipped file playback, RTSP Trickplay support, easier encoding GUI between customizable toolbars.

If you still have not experienced VLC before, then it is the time to download it Here and experience it out yourself without any charge.


  1. But VLC still offers more features. I found something cool here: download and convert your videos simple using VLC player: .
    It works on any operating system quiet the same. So you can use it on every machine the same. Many thanks to the developers of VLC group in France!


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