View Detailed Information About USB Devices Using Usbdeview

Did you know which USB devices presently are installed on your computer? Very few people know about it, but now it is possible with the help of a freeware utility, named as USBDeview. This freeware utility can provides the complete information about all devices that are connected through USB host port. It can list out all the device names that are to be connected along with the description of the device. This description consists of type, serial number, connection status, vendor id, product id, safe to unplug, created date and so on.


This small freeware utility doesn’t require any installation. You need to run the .exe file which will display all USB devices detailed information that is presently installed on your computer. USBDeview utility also permits you to disconnect USB devices and uninstall USB devices that are currently connected to your computer. Besides that the USBDeview can be used to retrieve the detailed information that is stored on remote computer with administrator login.

USBDeview is independent platform . It can well-suited to run on Windows 2000/2003/ XP/Vista, but not on Windows 98/ME. In Windows Vista to enable/disable USB devices using UAC turned on, you need to run USBDeview as administrator, then right click on the .exe file, and select “Run as Administrator”.


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