If you are looking for a software to transfer Audio streams or wave streams between two applications or devices that supports wave / audio streams, you can do it with Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) software.

It has the name Virtual Audio Cable Because, it creates Virtual Audio Devices, where the source application will have an output side and the destination application will have input side. The wave / audio streams will be transferred digitally, which ensures high quality streaming minimizing the sound quality loss .

You can use more than one device with VAC and mix all streams together and can be sent to one or more devices. VAC can be used to record audio or transfer the sound stream to another application in real real time.

If you’ve used Sound Blaster Live or Audigy cards, then you will know about “What you Hear” feature in them. VAC functionally is almost similar to that.

Certain applications do not allow you to store or save their output sound streams in WAV format. You can use VAC in such situations. VAC can also be used to record your conversation while using Voice Over IP (VOIP) or Internet telephony applications like Skype.

And the best part about VAC is, you do not need any extra hardware audio card as VAC itself acts as a replacement for it – as the name stands “virtual audio card”. VAC is free to try and costs $30 per single license for personal use.

[ Download VAC ]

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VAC Demo:


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