InfraStruXureVirtualization is here to stay:

And it’s no wonder – it saves space and energy while letting you maximize your IT resources. But smaller footprints can come at a cost. Virtualized servers even at 50% capacity, require special attention to cooling, no matter their size or their location.

1. Heat : Server consolidation creates higher densities – and higher heat – per rack, risking downtime and failure.

2. Inefficiency : Perimeter cooling can’t reach heat deep in the racks. And over cooling is expensive and ineffective.

3. Power : Events Virtual loads move constantly, making it hard to predict available power and cooling, risking damage to your network.

The right-sized way to virtualize:

With the new High Density-Ready InfraStruXure architecture, you can take of the density by cooling the virtualized high-density row controlling power at the rack-level, and managing the system with advanced software and simulation. Though virtualizing saves energy, true efficiency also depends on the relative efficiencies of power, cooling, and server. Right-sizing one and not the others leaves efficiency savings on the table. To right-size, depend on the efficient, modular high Density-Ready InfraStruXure and neutralize heat at the source. Equipment will be safer and more efficient running closer to 100% capacity.

Don’t agonize, virtualize:

What are you waiting for? With High Density-Ready InfroStruXure architecture anyone can virtualize… anytime, anywhere. Just drop it and you are ready to go.

Principles of InfraStruXure High Density-Ready Architecture…

1> Rack enclosures that are high Density-Ready

2> Metered PDUs at the rack level

3> Temperature monitoring in the racks

4> Centralized monitoring software

5> Operations software with predictive capacity management

6> Efficient InRow cooling technology

7> UPS power that is flexible and scalable

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