If you are a frequent internet user, then you better be aware that coming Monday, 24th November 2008 could be a day where your computer might be a victim of Malware – Trojan attacks.

A group of researchers collected information on internet worms and viruses from more than 500,000 machines. Last years data shows that the worst day ever was three days before thanksgiving, once again from the data collected through out last year. With thanksgiving coming up, experts feel it’ll be the same this year too.

Another reason for the increase in the trojan, internet works, Malware and virus activity during this season is, internet shopping will be at its peak from now till Christmas.

Even though we are in the middle of a economic turmoil, this won’t stop people from buying gifts for friends and family. Instead, we can expect an increase in the amount spent online this year as people will look for discounts and low prices to beat the credit crunch.

Recently, the security experts did warn about emails which had the highly popular president Barack Obama’s acceptance speech video being connected to Trojans which would affect targets PC.

There were also, a bunch of spam mails with an attachment called BarackObama.exe which would let the system vulnerable to the hackers around the world once activated.


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