Use Vista Services Optimizer To Improve Your Vista Performance

You can now improve the performance of your Windows Vista Operating System by tweaking the Vista Services. Vista Services Optimizer, a free optimizing utility facilitates you to easily and automatically tweak your Vista services in a safe manner depending on the style in which you use the PC and the type of software/hardware you use.

If you happen to be an advanced user and wish to control your Vista services better, you may use Vista Services Optimizer to tweak Vista Services manually, which is also pretty easy and safe.


Here are a few key highlights of this useful Vista Services Optimizer:

  • Simple to use – The utility is simple to use. It helps you improve the performance as well as the security of your Windows Vista with few simple clicks. You do not need to use any other software.
  • Service Diagnostics – Has an ability to inspect the status of performance/security of the system in accordance with Vista services configurations. It can diagnose the manner in which you use the system and the type of software/hardware you use. It also offers solutions for some performance/security related issues.
  • Safe to use – It optimizes Vista Services without harming your system and is capable of reinstating any changes made in the system with the help of Smart Rescue Center.
  • Service Profiles – Allows you to keep your service optimization options saved in a file known as “Windows Service Profile” which helps you apply your optimization options instantly.


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