Vital Facts That You Should Know To Protect Your Online Identity

You can hack someone’s password, although it sounds typical, but it is quite possible. Most of us are still trying to find answers for the questions about how hackers crack or hack the password?

Well, you may find suitable answers for it by just researching with Google. You may surely get a light that focuses on your doubts.

Present are so many password cracking tools, which are employed by the hackers to hack or crack the password, and amazingly they hit the right spots most of the times. If your password gets hacked or stolen, you cannot really blame your fate or the hackers. You have to blame yourself first.

Most of us use the password types which are as good as welcoming the hackers:

  • partner, children or your name
  • 123456, abcdef or asdfgh
  • pet name, college name or country name
  • “password” as your password
  • “god” or “devil”
  • date of birth
  • mobile number, phone number
  • “love” or “money”
  • “cancer”, “aids”, “welcome”
  • website’s name as password
  • List continues…

If your password is composed in the formats given above, then you should change your password as early as possible. All the Hackers believe on permutation and combination method, as they don’t rely on guesses. Above are so common passwords and they are really easy to hack with the help of password crackers. You can find top 10 password cracker tools here.

Now, assume that your password has been hacked recently. When you use a same for all the website accounts, then surely the hacker will hack account’s password. This situation will be more dangerous when they crack your credit card account password or internet banking. So, to avoid such horrible thing from happening, you should create your password which is strong and unpredictable one.

One more thing is that the passwords which involve merely all lowercase characters can be hacked easily. The password that involves both uppercase and lowercase characters cannot be easily hacked, and furthermore it makes things really complex for the hacker.

Following are the password tips which help you to select a strong password for you:

  • Try to avoid using predictable passwords. To create unpredictable one, you may substitute letters with numbers and vice verse. (For example, you can write “0” instead of letter “O”. Similarly symbol “@” can be used instead of letter “a”.)
  • Try to use randomly lowercase and uppercase characters in the whole password (For example you may try like @mER1cAbLue5).
  • Avoid using your password as an English dictionary word because it can easily be pulled out by a brute force attack.
  • You may select your password relating to the place that you love, or last film name of your favorite actor, or the name of your favorite restaurant.
  • Avoid the same combination of username and password across different websites. When a hacker finds one of them, he can hack each and every site’s passwords. So, you should not keep the similar combination of password and username somewhere else.
  • You may use a password manager such as RoboForm for managing all your passwords.
  • To check about reliability of you password, you can use Microsoft’s password checker tool.

When dealing with any type of internet online data it is important to make sure that you protect your online data and identity.

Last but not least, note is that you should not write or store your passwords in diary, cell phone, paper etc as they could reach into the wrong hands. Try to keep your password as much confidential and secure as possible.


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