Use VLite To Remove Unnecessary Components In Vista

In comparison to other MS Windows operating systems, Windows Vista is the first OS which requires some precise necessities (such as a PC with high specifications) to run smoothly. If you are running a Windows Vista operating system on your PC, you must have noticed that it consumes loads of resources. This basically affects the speed of your PC.

Therefore it is very important that you get rid of the unwanted components to free up some memory space and increase the speed of your system. The ideal tool to remove all the unwanted and unnecessary Vista components is vLite. This useful tool not only cleans up the unwanted components but also creates a bootable ISO and applies the tweaks directly.

Apart from being a free application that is compatible with Windows Vista, vLite has the ability to customize the OS before it is installed. You need to recreate the ISO and install vLite before reinstalling Vista so that vLite configures and installs Vista without the unnecessary components. This is basically an easier and logical method.

vLite should not be mistaken as a hacking tool as it protects and maintains all the important files as well as registry entries intact as they would have been if you would have installed the unedited version of Windows Vista. It will only remove the unnecessary components.

Free downloads of vLite v1.2 Beta, the latest version of vLite are available online. You need to note that, you should have Framework 2.0 installed on your PC for vLite to run smoothly.

Below mentioned are the key features of vLite:

  • Language pack, driver integration and hotfix.
  • Removal of components.
  • Set up that is unattended.
  • Tweaks.
  • Split or merge installation CDs of Windows Vista.
  • Create an ISO and burn the bootable CD/DVD.



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