NetShareMonitor is a powerful application that protects your shared files and folders from being accessed by intruders and those with an un-authoritative access. As soon as the distant system user gets connected with your system, NetShareMonitor alerts you with the complete details of the intruder and directs you with the complete information on that session. Some of the characteristic session information given by this application includes host address of the remote user, name of the remote user, time of connection and the list of files accessed by him. For enhancing protection against the un-authoritative access, NetShareMonitor logs the details of each of such intruding sessions against the files accessed for future reference.

With the cases of unauthorized access to user’s personal files located on the shared folders on the rise, NetShareMonitor offers stringent tools to offer absolute protection to your sensitive data. This application keeps a close eye on your personal files while you indulge yourself into work or a break. In case, you have missed paying attention to the alerts on the intruder’s visit, you can always update yourself with the log files created by this application for your future analysis.

Some of the most striking features of this application are inbuilt alert system, null session detection, user friendly interface and full session detailed information. The innate alert system alerts the users in case of a remote connection build-up by playing an alert music or blinking, to allow users to take timely actions. After you’ve been alerted about the intruding action, it detects the complete information on the session to help you implement measures against the remote user.

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