There was a time when foreign films were the preserve of the elite and the intellectual. But a recent spate of television channels focusing only on foreign language films, are finally entering mainstream discussions and forums. This seems as a good a time as any for a website like Theauteurs. It is a streaming website with a twist; pay $12 (which is close to about 600) and you will a get a monthly subscription, which allows you to watch unlimited movies online. But perhaps the biggest thing going for theateurs is that some of the films can be viewed free of charge.

The website is still in its beta version and things to do promise to get better, but to the credit of the developers there were no glitches in the general navigation. Payments can be made through a variety of credit cards.

While streaming movies is their forte, the website also offers basic information like where to catch the most eagerly awaited moves along with exhaustive coverage of all the major film, festivals including Cannes, Toronto and Venice. Besides this one can follow friends (on twitter), check out their recommendations and suggest films they could watch too. A forum allows you to connect with  people from all over the world, discuss the latest trends and analyze this season’s blockbuster.

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Source: Flylite


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