Now You Can Watch Your Favorite Movies and Other Digital TV programs By Using SkyBoxS9

Many Digital Satellite Recorders to record movies are available in the market like Dreambox 800HD, but they are not so supportive to Personal Video Recording and not even capable with High Definition. If you are looking for one with High Definition and Personal Video Recording then here comes the name of Skybox S9 HD PVR. This device will allow you to receive and watch HD channels on your digital television and decode them with the facility of recording the channels at any time for media playback using USB 2.0 port. For doing so, you need to follow few below mentioned steps:

Connect your USB thumb drive to Skybox PVR. Within seconds, you will prompt with a message of ‘USB Device Connected’ on your television screen indicating that it is connected properly to TV.


After this, switch to your favorite channel, and press the ‘Record’ button from your remote control. It will display the total time and length that it will take to record. The default time of recording is 2 hours depending on your computer’s memory capacity and you can choose it based on your own interest. Once finished with this, press ‘Stop’ button to stop the recording procedure.

Before Moving your recorded program or movies to your external PC for viewing and storage, make sure your program is recorded with the file extension name (.dvr format) by going to Menu-REC-Record Manager and you could view the recorded files with the facility to control like Play, Stop, Rewind, forward etc on your remote control.

These files can be easily moved and shared with others with the Windows Media Player’s playback compatibility and by following these simple steps, you can be enable to record your favorite movies with the help of Skybox S9 HD PVR without any trouble.


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