Are you too suffering from the Thanksgiving and Black Friday – traffic down problem ? Then you are not alone. This time of the year, it is pretty common for traffic for your website to plunge down. Do not worry as this is just a temporary phase, and if you’ve already experienced it, you should not be surprised to experience a similar stand still in your traffic levels during Christmas and New Year.

If you analyse, the reason for slow traffic is that most of the people are out shopping and bagging the best deals during the Thanks Giving and Black Friday weekend, which means they are not in front of their computers, which explains it all ! Now again, a word of caution here: the niche you are dealing with will also make a difference. Just imagine, if your are running a computer trouble shooting website, then you can be rest assured that your traffic will dip during this time of the year, on the contrary, if you run a gift / deals website you should not be surprised to see a temporary surge in traffic !

What Can I Do To Get My Traffic Back ?

1> Firstly, do not panic as this is an expected situation.

2> There is nothing much you can do for a simple reason, all your potential visitors are out there enjoying the real world.

3> Best will be, take some time off, go out, meet your friends and family and try to make the best of such holidays.

4> If you still have extra time, after meeting up with friends and family, get back to writing informative posts, and publish them. They surely will turn out to to be profitable for you in the long run.

5> Sit and relax in between 🙂

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