Benefits of CSS Templates

There are lots of pros and cons of CSS templates, but the pros are primarily discussed in this article. Schematic table based designs are lagging way behind than CSS templates for development of the websites. Using of CSS templates are being recommended by most of the WWW (World Wide Web) companies. In the very first place, to design a web tables are not recommended and thus the table based designs are going to be replaced by CSS templates.

The pros of CSS templates are mention below:

CSS Flexibility:

Coding and presentation in the CSS layout are separated. For the website there is an external style sheets, if any designers make any change or improve the layout through the style sheet, then the following pages will also update accordingly. Let us suppose that to manage the appearance of padding, paragraph and margins a simple class is used for paragraph. Now if any designers have to change its appearance, then updating the style-sheets only will make the changes for all the other pages. Thus a CSS template is so flexible that the designers can save their valuable time and use that for productivity.

Rendering of CSS Codes:

The volume of codes required for table based design of websites was much, much higher than what is required for CSS layouts. Thus the reduction of codes gives a host of advantages for the users, making the performance of the website higher and simpler. There are many users who have dial up connection rather than broadband, so the reduction helps those users to load their WebPages faster. With the help of the CSS templates, the size has also been reduced, which reduces the time of loading of WebPages, making it quick and efficient in working

CSS Accessibility:

The main field on which any designers give more importance is accessibility, so that the user can interpret the WebPages properly and efficiently. It will be very difficult for any users to read and understand, with the screen reader, a webpage designed based on table and it is quite impossible to get the logic out of it.

No one can even imagine reading the tables column by column whereas there are table inside of another table. This is the problem not only to and the user, but also for the developers. If a developer misses out something from that table then he will be dammed to find that mistake. CSS templates make this work simple, logical and understandable by all.



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