Writing a press release can be a challenging task. You need to not only interest the reader but also make him want to publish it in his newspaper/ magazine. Some ways to write an effective press release are given below:

1. The press release should clear all the doubts that might arise in your reader. Draw word pictures of the event you are writing about.

2. Never sound like you are seeking free publicity/ advertising. Media professionals hate an advertisement disguised as a press release. Press release should sound like breaking news… like a scoop… as if people would be waiting for it.

3. Pepper the release with examples so people can easily relate to the content. This way you will make them interested and take in the entire text.

4. Simple words and good turn of phrase are vital to write an interesting press release which is meant to be read by lot of people. High sounding words and fancy turn of phrase is likely to put off readers because it confuses them. Nobody likes to reach out for a dictionary as they read a press release.

5. Titling your press release is vital to create that first impression. It gives them the reason and motivation why they should continue reading.

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