Windows Vista – Here Are The Top 5 Worst-Rated Programs And Features!

Windows Vista is loaded with a number of features, programs and functions that are recently introduced by Microsoft to make Vista a superior operating system. Some of the features are exceptionally good, whereas there are a few of them which seem to be quite ineffective or unwanted.

Removal of some such unnecessary functions and features can actually make the Windows Vista operating system work better. A feature that is top rated by one individual might be rated as the worst by another. Each one of us might have a different opinion on which are the unwanted or unnecessary features in Vista.
Below mentioned are the top five worst-rated features or programs present in Windows Vista.

1> User Account Control (UAC) – This feature offers better security from automatic installation of malicious software that can infect the system. However, the UAC warning prompt that shows a windows message asking for permission to continue hardly makes sense to novice users. They often just click on “Continue” without even reading the warning.

Nevertheless, it is possible to turn off or disable this User Account Control utility.

2> SuperFetch – SuperFetch preloads or caches programs’ code into computer’s physical memory in order to accelerate program launching. Although SuperFetch consumes a huge amount of memory space, it fails to offer the desired performance improvement. You may try to benchmark the performance yourself by turning off or disabling SuperFetch.

3> Remote Differential Compression (RDC) – This technology uses compression to minimize data transferred across a network. The benefit of this feature is perhaps overshadowed by the problem that it creates while working on Gigabits network and high speed broadband. RDC normally slows down copying and moving of files.

4> Windows Defender – Even though Windows Defender is a much improved function in Windows Vista, most of the users prefer to use third party anti-spywares like Spyware Doctor which are much more user-friendly and reliable. Therefore, keeping Windows Defender on your system leads to nothing but duplication.

Moreover, users normally look for free anti-virus applications and Windows Defender isn’t one. You may however uninstall or disable Windows Defender if you wish to.

5> Windows Media Center (WMC) – This application is only useful to people who wish to transform their PC to an entertainment center for playing DVD movies and viewing TV channels. If you do not intend to do so, Windows Media Center or WMC is perhaps useless for you. You may as well remove or disable it.


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