Buchin, recently was wondering what Green Flag Credit Card Theft was? Since he said that he did not find a reasonable answer, I was curious to dig more info about it, and this is the info I got about it.

Green Flag Credit Card Theft or Green Flag Credit Fraud refers to credit card theft as a part of identity theft, in which the imposter will gain access to the victims personal information. It can be categorized into two ways –

— one where the personal will make use of the personal information to open new bank accounts / checking account and obtain blank checks or open new credit card account and misuse the credit card.

–Second method is where the imposter will do an account takeover, where in they’ll get access to already existing accounts.

To avoid your credit card from being stolen or being a victim of credit card fraud, you should be careful when you:

1> use credit cards for online shopping. Always be sure to shop from secure and trusted site.

2> buy toll free numbers. You have no idea what happens to your number after your purchase do you ?

3> give your credit card at restaurants / bars. Never let the waiter take the card away from your sight. It’s always better that you walk with them and pay the bill yourself. Two mins can save you from a lot of headache !


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