The Picasa Web Albums Eat Up the Image Space from Your Blogger Account

Did you know that you get only a limited 1GB space for image uploads in your free Blogger account? Well, I myself stumbled into this particular information while I was trying to upload some photographs the other day. It actually gave me a clear indicator about how much space was left for me to utilize in my account.

It looks like my Blogger space is also utilized by my Picasa web photos I use in my Blog, since I don’t think I had uploaded so much volume of images to my Blogger account. Therefore I felt that the space in the Blogger free account also gets utilized by the Picasa uploads.The I stumbled upon this link : which points out the limits on the size or number of pictures that can uploaded to the blogger account.

Looks like this reminder feature is quiet new, and if you haven’t seen it already, you should probably get to see it when you open a new post and try to upload your photos. In the bottom, you will get to see the percentage of space used and space available in your free account.

How Can I Increase Picture Limit In My Blogger Account?

However, you could buy more space for $25.00 per year, where your storage space will be further enhanced to 6.25GB. This is indeed more space than what Flickr provides but frankly, I feel that Google should give it for free.


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