I’ ve been writing about important must have plugins for your wordpress blog. Even before someone asks me -“Is this it?”, I’d like to clarify that this is just the beginning, the tip of the iceberg!

Out there, are so many plugins, which you must have on your blog. I’ve started compiling a list of the plugins, which I personally feel will make a bloggers life much easier.

Here’s the list for you:

1> Google Syntax Highlighter: Read more…

2> Exec-PHP to execute external php functions or calls.

3> All round SEO solution from All-In-One seo plugin.

4> Download free bookmarking plugin for wordpress, to increase traffic to your website.

5> Simple, effective, efficient Spam blocker plugin for wordpress – Aksimet.

6> Get your traffic stats and adsense stats with Google Analytics plugin for wordpress.

7> Don’t like the complexity involved with Google analytics plugin, shift over to wordpress stats.

8> Simple, Flexible Contact Form WordPress Plugin

9> Take a back up of your wordpress db with WP-DB back up plugin.

10> Customise page navigation in your wordpress blog.

11> Help your visitors know where they are with Breadcrumb NavXT.

12>Wordpress Database problem ? No more …

13> Manage Bandwidth of your blog in case of heavy traffic or sudden burst of traffic.

14> Want some internal linking benefits for your wordpress blog ? Then try this incoming search term linking wordpress plugin.

After going through this article, if anyone has anything important to share, they are most welcome.


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