Whatsapp crashing on iPhone has been a recurring problem with iPhone users, especially those with iOS 9. There have been no particular reasons for this problem. There are a few possible fixes and they can be tried to fix this issue. It is not always guaranteed that these fixes will work, so it is better to backup your data before you try them. Check out the solutions for Whatsapp crashes on iPhone with iOS 9 and how to fix them.

Whatsapp Crashes on iPhone

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Whatsapp crashes on iPhone with iOS 9  – Fix

Reinstall Whatsapp

This is the most easiest thing to do. Reinstall Whatsapp if you have this issue. Make sure that you backup all your Whatsapp data before you do so. Reinstall Whatsapp from the app store and this should solve your problem.

Turn off backups

You can try to turn of iCloud backups for Whatsapp. Sometimes, failed backups can cause your application to crash. To disable backups on iCloud, simply do this when you open Whatsapp:

Settings>Chats>Chat Backup>Auto Backup – Turn this option off.

Remove contact picture

This is the option that is least likely to work, but it has worked for some people, so I am suggesting it here. Remove your contact picture. Also, you can remove it for all contacts and see if Whatsapp is back to normal. To remove pictures of contacts, do this:

  • Go to a contact and click on Edit
  • Click on Edit below the image and select Delete Photo.

If you have a 100+ contacts, good luck removing all the contact pictures.

Note that it is not guaranteed that this method will work for sure.

Disable Facebook Sync

The syncing of the latest version of the Facebook app has been having with iOS 9. This can cause problems with Whatsapp since it resizes images in the Contacts app. To disable sync with Facebook, go to the settings app on IPhone>Facebook and turn off “Contacts”

Reset your phone

The hardest option of them all. Make sure you backup all your data, contacts and content. Check that you have the latest backup on iTunes. To factory reset your phone, do the following: Settings>General>Reset>Erase all content and settings.

Do not try this method unless all other options fail. It is better to wait for Whatsapp to fix this bug instead.

If you have iOS 8 instead of iOS 9 on your phone and Whatsapp is crashing, try to find a fix by reading Whatsapp Crashes on iPhone with iOS 8 and how to fix it.


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