If you are planning to compete for any competitive examinations, then you definitely know the importance of ‘Current Affairs‘. Most of the exams these days rely heavily on ‘Current Affairs‘, especially more so in the preliminary examination.

Preparing current affairs on a daily basis is extremely tedious and time consuming task. Life would be lot more easier if someone compiles current affairs for you, and you can concentrate on other important areas of examination such as Mathematics, Logical reasoning, English, etc,.

AmbitionIAS.com is set to help aspirants in this regards. They send daily current affairs to your WhatsApp, once you register with them.

You can register with ‘Ambition IAS’ and get daily current affairs. Steps to subscribe to WhatsApp goup is:

  1. Add their number ‘9886333552‘ and name it ‘Ambition IAS‘ in your phone list.
  2. Send a message to them on WhatsApp in the following format:
    • Name : <Your Name>
    • Exam : <UPSC / IAS / IBPS>
    • State : <Your State>
  3. They will send a confirmation message once you are added to the list.

PS: Please note, they can send updates only to those students who saved their number in their phone. If you haven’t saved their number, you’ll not get updates from them.