This is one of the new-bie questions normally asked by folks who are new to Microsoft word 2007. A lot of new changes have come in, including the format in which the file is saved. Getting back to the problem, the following might be a solution you are looking for :

1> Click in an affected paragraph.
2> Click the Home tab on the Ribbon.
3> Click the arrow in the lower right corner of the Styles section.
4> The style for your paragraph should have a bold box around it.
5> Hover the cursor over the style. A list box arrow should appear. Click it.
6> Select Modify from the list box.
7> Click the Format button and select Border.
8> Under Setting, click the None box.
9> Click OK.
10> If you want this to carry forward to other documents based on the template this one is based on, click the radio button for New Documents Based On This Template.
11> Select OK and you are good.

Once you’ve followed the above steps you should be good and all the paragraphs in the document with that particular style should auto arrange.

However, When you try to close your document, a security warning may pop up which might ask you if you want to save the changes done to the ‘Normal.dotx’ . This is a regular anti-virus alert intended to send a security alret that there has been some changes to the default .dotx. If you are sure that you have made changes to suit your requirement, then select OK and everything else will be just fine.


  1. Just so if someone looks up this forum….
    It made my life easier but not easiest 🙂

    When I opened a new document a frame appeared and couldn’t make it go away. BTW i’m not a noob at MS products. But Office 2007 is catastrophical. I mean all useful stuff removed and let’s kick in some pain in the ass options that are accessible from multiple locations.

    Ok. About that maybe some other time …

    SOLUTION if Giska’s post won’t work for you. (i didn’t help me but it pointed me in the right way)

    1. Open Word 2007
    2. Click “Home” tab.
    3. Right click on “Normal” style in “Styles” section
    4. Click “Modify…”
    5. Window “Modify style” appears
    6. In lower left corner of this window leftclick “Format” button
    7. select “Frame..” from list
    8. Again a new window appears (“Frame”)
    9. NOW click lower left corner in this window that says “Remove frame”

    !! ATTENTION !! my word had text wrapping “none” selected and that’s why all this trouble began in first place.

    10. click OK in “Frame” window
    11. choose “New documents based on this template”
    12. click OK in “Modify style”

    13. Close Word and save anything you’re asked (i wasn’t but just in case) than open old docs or new doc and you’re ready to fly with no frames around you.

  2. Hi,
    Just make a post about the blue format box but just find the answer:
    1- Open a word doc
    2- Click on the Office Button
    3- Click on “Word Options”, then “Advanced”
    4- You should see the ” enable click and type” option activated: disable it.
    5- Click on “OK”
    6- Close the document and answer “yes” when Word 2007 will ask yu to save the changes.
    7- Try to open a new Word doc: the blue box should have disappeared.

    Hope it will help!

  3. Hi Andy,
    I agree with you: it’s not a question of borders. I tried and it doesn’t work. Every time I open word 2007 I have this blue box called a frame that automatically appear. I would like to remove it definitely (I don’t know which wrong click I did to make it appear because I didn’t have this problem 1 week ago):
    I would like to avoid making right click on each frame to remove it. I’ve just copy-pasted a document of 20 pages on a new word documents and it automatically inserted the text in multiples frames. I’ll need hours to scan the whole document and quit them. Moreover, it deleted all the applied styles.

    If someone can help, I would really appreciate!

    Thank you in advance!

  4. i think you have missed the point of this question. there is a difference between a frame (a blue dotted box around the text) and borders. its easy to change the borders default and easy to remove the frames (right click – format frame – remove frame) however i cant seem to set the default for a new doc as not having a frame in the first place.


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