The name itself describes the camera aptly, and it is best suited for those of you who are looking for a bit of fun in your parties and family get-together. Of course, it may be a little odd to hold a gun, but it is this specific gun shape that takes you to Bond movies in Hollywood.

This is the brain child of famous designer Franziska Dierschekeara. Its various characteristics including its gun shape, and its pin hole, makes it a tad different from other cameras, in spite of the absence of a view finder. Although it is not professional friendly, it is definitely designed for those who enjoy taking pictures many photos.

Its usage is also very simple, all that needs to be done is, to point the gun at the object as accurately as you can and shoot. The designer feels this specific gadget, which comes in colors white and green, emphasizes the process of photo taking and not the picture itself.

Looking for fun, then make sure you get one for yourself, but wait where can I get one from ?? The answer is, you can’t buy one yet, as this is just a Concept camera and is not out for production yet (source) !!! I was almost very excited to buy one for myself for this Christmas, but …


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