Widget Box is a free multi-utility online application that allows users to create, find and share web widgets for social networking, blogging and accessing personal websites. The company, Widgetbox, based in San Francisco specializes at providing platform that makes the task of creating widgets via the means of web based interface as well as Javascript and HTML complex flash based widgets easy. With the inbuilt feature of AppAccelerator, you can easily optimize these widgets to generate social networking sites like, Open Social applications, Bebo, Facebook.

Widget Box is an effective means to allow users to creatively express themselves and then connect and share their expression forms to a large scale of online audience through widgets. With these widgets you can easily distribute your digital creation across the web and display it for getting massive feedbacks. Widget Box offers a community of more than ten thousand of widget creators as well as widget users. The widgets of Widget Box are easily available on Facebook, MySpace, Blogger and more than a million web domains.

To access Widget Box, all you need to do is create an account with Widget Box official site and then select to customize the particular widget that suits your needs. Further, embed this widget on your blog and share it with the online visitors to your blog. Beside this, you can also create your own widget, submit it to Widget Box and put it on for display for the rest of the Widget Box users.

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