Manage your finances with ease: Use FineAnces

There are numerous financing and accounting softwares available on the web. However, to find the right one for yourself – something that is cheap and easy to understand – is really hard. FineAnces, a simple accounting tool released by the Byteko group, is just pitched at the right level – so that the common man finds it easy to record and gauge his income-expense trends. What’s more – you can try it for free, and then pay a mere $20 if you wish to buy it.

FineAnces has a spartan and intuitive design that you can get used to within no time at all. The main window of this tool guides you to the specific sections that handle all the different functions – savings, cash expenses, credit card cash flows, and the like. It also supports multiple accounts for your umpteen number of credit cards and bank accounts.

Moreover, this application places a small icon in the system tray that lets you access the software with only two clicks. You can even add a new expense head/item directly from the system try icon without even accessing the actual mainframe of the application. On selecting multiple items in a particular account item list, a total summary of the expense/savings is displayed.

You can also use FineAnces to track the repayment of loans and monitor the trends in your incomes, expenditures, and savings. One thing is that this tool is designed for basic financial needs and does not feature any of the more complex financial management systems such income tax tracking, stock monitoring, etc.

However, if you simply want to get a handle on your financial patterns, FineAnces is the right thing for you. For more complex functions, you might want to look up other applications such as Free Accounting Software.

FineAnces is compatible with Windows XP, 2000 and Vista, and the latest version can be downloaded from here.



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