Miro is a freeware HD video player. It is an excellent alternative to the confusing and bulky Media Player in Microsoft Windows. This tool has the capacity to play any video file in formats like Quicktime, MPEG, XVID, WMV, XVID and much more. The real strength of this tool is its innate feature that allows users to subscribe to any video RSS feed, Video site based blogs like YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video etc. This tool automatically creates a channel to connect the users to the above video sites. These channels conduct periodic checks to update the users with the latest content on the video blog sites. They update you with the content in the form of HTTP download format which allows you to save the content then and there.

Miro is an amazing video player that brings to you a collection of all the latest and passé videos from the web world. It literally creates an internet video ecosystem for its users. It gathers together the entire players in the broadcast of internet videos and presents them across a platform of Internet TV. If the latest video uploaded has an HD version, it automatically alerts you with the option of its download.

It has an intuitive interface which can be easily used by new users. It supports features like Video Playlist, Playlist folders and grouping of videos. It allows you to play videos in accordance with their chronology. Further, its lets you resume your video listening experience from where you paused.

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