In our previous Media Player Classic Home I mentioned about a codec you need to download to improve your media experience. Codec can prove to be very profitable to audio players like the default Windows Media Player set-up in the system. They are utilized to upgrade audio/video formats of the media player. In order to bring variety in your audio or video files, you can utilize this famous codec pack known as K-Lite codec 4.7.6, a superior version that contains many updates in addition to supporting the Home Cinema classic player.

There is also an additional set of components easy to use and are known to upgrade the audio player features. By using this, you can view or listen to most of the well known file formats, amr, hdmov, mov, mkv and many more that are already added. The new K-Lite player has been upgraded for the Media Player Classic Home Cinema[standard], and also contains updates on basic, Mega and full pack download. Then why delay, download it from the codec page right away!


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