Improve Performance of Vista with the TweakVista 1.0

Your Windows system has a lot to offer – only if you know how to tweak it the right way according to your needs. In this regard, Stardock has come out with a tweaking tool called TweakVista 1.0 designed especially for Windows Vista systems. It allows you to increase your system’s performance by changing the settings of hidden and hard-to-reach files and folders – even in the system registry. TweakVista 1.0 comes in two versions – the free version (that has a limited number of features) and the paid version (that has all the features).

Although TweakVista has a lot of competition, it gets an edge with its wide-ranging utilities and its easy utility to professional as well as amateur users. Here is a summary list of features of TweakVista 1.0:

  • Security Tweaks: With TweakVista, you can modify the security settings so that you have complete control over the security prompts that are so common in Vista. For instance, you can set the specific situations when the User Accounts Control dialog should be used and when it should be skipped.
  • Memory Tweaks: TweakVista monitors the various startup programs that the different users of the computer use frequently – and thereby it gives you suggestions as to the ones that can be disabled without affecting the system’s performance. It also allows you to switch user profiles in a particular way that will optimize memory usage.
  • Resource Tweaks: This utility also keeps an eye on the applications that consume huge quantities of system resources – whether it is in the memory, processor, or system processes – and lets you change the settings of those applications accordingly. Moreover, it is designed to give seamless support to the default diagnostics reports of your PC.

Apart from this, TweakVista has other features such as auto update, memory optimization, and Vista assessment – as well as a newly designed Carbon Footprint element that calculates the running cost of your system and presents the estimated Carbon Footprint.

[ Download TweakVista ]


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