ITunes is an application used for managing audio and video files in the computer or the mobile phone. The application has the value added features like organizing the contents and managing the parameters.

The biggest attraction on the ITunes is its music store. It has rich content and very good titles. Apple, the promoter for ITunes has been negotiating with various music studios so that the ITunes community has legal access to the best of titles in the world.

The ITunes music store also features comprehensive information on albums and artists as well as the details on movies, television shows and games. The ITunes offers specific titles at very attractive prices and thus currently holds close to 80% market share of the music industry in the digital format.

ITunes music store offers titles of various types and genre with the additional characteristic that they are all DRM free. This makes it possible for the users to transfer the titles to various other devices as they wish. Apart from the music one can also download TV shows, movies, ring tones and various podcasts, all at extremely economic rates.

Whatever you download at ITunes belongs to you permanently. So you don’t really have to worry about renewing subscriptions and checking trial offers.

The ITunes interface is good, easy to navigate and does not take too much time to learn and master. Though there had been many versions of the interface, the improvements hadn’t been much.

Download ITunes for Free.


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