The team from TeamViewer is yet to come up with a version that works on Linux. I hope they do, as it is a handy tool, best in it’s category and a large number of people using Linux will give them an advantage in the Linux market share.

Meanwhile, those who want to use TeamViewer on Linux, can do so with the help of a third party software called WineHQ. WineHQ is a translation layer that allows most Windows programs to be run on Linux machines. It is a soft layer that sits between the windows programs and Linux, and smoothly executes Windows programs without any memory or performance compromises.

So basically, you can use TeamViewer between two Linux machines if both the machines have WineHQ and TeamViewer Installed. You can also run TeamViewer between a Linux machine and a Windows machine.

I’ll cover-up WineHQ in detail soon.

[ Download WineHQ ]

[ Download TeamViewer ]

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