Until recently, Blackberry was the only Twitter recipient, where their tweets crossed a number of 10 million per day. This was possible by the solely for Blackberry users UberTwitter client, which was downloaded by more than 9 million users. Of course, it may now be a changed story, as a version of UberTwitter is reachable for iPhone users who can tweet joyfully with this client on iOS mobile platform.

UberTwitter is grabbing the opportunity and making best use of the increasing number of Smartphone users who are choosing the iPhones. UberTwitter says, Beta of this iPhone app will allow regular Twitter facilities such as –direct messaging; re-tweeting; tweeting; links with tweet from inside the app; and open a new window within tweets.

A special facility mainly for iPhone UberView is designed to take full advantage of its features. You can tilt the phone horizontal and the app adjusts to the nature, cutting the screen into two with tweets on the left and linked content to the right. The only troubling feature is that UberTwitter encourages ads at the bottom of the screen engulfing most of the space.

The number of iphone users who are peacefully enjoying its benefits after having downloaded the Beta version, exceed more than 10000. By using a button on the screen, tweeters can now easily send feedback and suggestions on mods to UberTwitter which can be practiced in future releases.

All of Blackberry features are not yet utilized into the iPhone release, but will be included very soon. iPhone tweeters look forward for the launch of the finalv.10 version assumed to release by mid December. Here again UberTwitter proves its supremacy!

[Download iPhone app]


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