Easy access to Music: Using the Media Player Gadget for Vista Sidebar

The Windows Vista Sidebar is a useful tool – particularly if you hate going through the Explorer every time to access your favorite programs and prefer shortcuts. It also expands the power of your desktop, integrating internet services such as Facebook, Twitter, mail services, etc. with your desktop seamlessly.

However, most people will agree that most of the gadgets that are available are not that useful – they simply look fancy and seem to be useful until the time you actually install it. In this regard, the Media Player Gadget does stand apart – with its well-designed functionality and simple use – especially for music lovers.

If you use windows media player quite frequently, then the Media Player Gadget is just right for you. Obviously, you would not like to have the Media Player running at all times. Particularly, if you are working on the internet and have many programs running, you would want the heavy duty Media Player to be shut down. The Media Player Gadget provides a wonderful middle-ground where you have the Media Player effectively running in the Sidebar without using as much memory as it would have normally.

Using the Media Player Gadget, you can access the media library, play songs, listen to the radio, and do everything you can do with the Media Player – all at a lower memory cost.

Moreover, the primary use of having a gadget on the Sidebar is also there – you don’t have to go through the programs list to open the Media Player, or click on the taskbar icon and then wait for the player to start up. You can simply click on the gadget on the sidebar and you Media Player is ready for use.

Overall, the Media Player Gadget is a worthy download on your desktop.

[ Download Windows Vista Media Player Gadget ]



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