CSIR is holding an exam on 30th of May 2010, for a few administrative posts, referred as Case 2009-2.

If you have not received your hall ticket or admission card yet, you should probably check if your name is in the selected candidates list on CSIR website. To check if you are a selected / rejected / if your application reached CSIR late, go to this link :


The link gives you details of all eligible / non-eligibile candidates  and also list of applications that received late.

All the best for CSIR Exams !


  1. Dear sir/mam, what if the application posts on the last date of exam date .. in my case it was 11/9/2015 is on/before i have to post but i posted on the same date.. whether my application will be considered for entrance exam?????????

  2. @Kinnera – the hall ticket should reach your house, if it still hasn’t guess you should ring up CSIR and find out the details.

  3. Sir, till now i dint get my hall ticket….. i had checked … but it was not there in all category which is elligible ,non- elligible and application received aft last date…..

    kindly May i know the reason for it…..


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