Piano is one among the indisputable instruments that add sparks to a musical performance. It is one of the most widely used musical instruments. It is majorly played in solo performances, chamber music, ensemble use and accompaniment. If you are enthusiastic about learning piano, then SimplePiano is excellent software to help you learn piano. The features of this tool have been specially designed to aid the beginner who is learning to play piano for the very first time.

The tool features Maestro fonts to properly explain the notes played on bass and treble. Further, the notes that are played by the user get highlighted on the piano screen. This screen comprises of 60 keys. As the user plays the particular note, he is able to get a visual of it on the screen. Further, you can also play the piano of this tool with the help of a mouse, system keyboard or a midi keyboard connected to your system.

In addition, this tool displays the circle of Fifths. This means that when the user plays a key, its signature gets reflected on the staffs. You can select any eight chords that you think are used maximum. Further, you can play these chords by selecting the chord’s root key. This tool is accompanied by a reading exercise which helps you learn about the different notes. You can also select one among 128 options for the midi instrument. Similarly, you can also select the output sound from the options offered by the tool.

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