If you are looking for a website that offers latest hindi movies online for free, then go to DhinGana. Apart from latest Hindi movies songs, you’ll also find remixes, old classicals, ghazals and also bhajans.

Dhingana is not just any other music site, but it is the biggest social networking platform for music lovers in India. You can create playlists of your own choice and genre, share it with fellow members on Dhingana, rate music and select music depending on rating and a lot more features which is worth checking out, if you truly love music.

You do not have to be registered in order listen to free music online. One basic requirement is that Flash should be installed on your system and must be enabled in your browser, which is enabled by default in almost all the browsers today. If in case you specifically had removed or uninstalled flash, then you’ll have to install it again, to be able to listen to songs on Dhingana.

Recently Dhingana went more social. They added features which you can integrate Dhingana with Orkut, Gmail and iGoogle.

With this recent improvement, you can see what your frends like and listen to those songs and you too can share your favorite songs with your friends.

If you were wondering how you could send musical scraps to your friends, now its possible with Dhingana. With the aid of Orkut app you can send musical scraps to your friends and dedicate songs or playlists to your friends.

So if you have a crush on someone and are friends with that person on Orkut, you can dedicate a whole list of love songs and express your love to your loved one. Make sure that sharing is not limited only to your loved ones, but also spread love and joy to your friends by sharing songs and playlists with them as well.

Here’s how you can integrate Dhingana with Orkut

Here’s how you can integrate Dhingana with iGoogle

Here’s how you can integrate Dhingana with gMail.



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