How to go to the Requests Section in your Facebook account:

You might have got a request in your Facebook account sometime ago, but you would have not taken any action on that. You’ll not loose this request, instead this will be put in waiting page for you to take proper action.

There are two ways to go to requests section, review the requests and take appropriate action:

1> When you are logged on to your Facebook account, if you look into the right sidebar in your homepage, you’ll notice the Request’s section. Normally, this will be under the Sponsored ad section, as shown in the image bleow. Clicking on the ‘See All‘ will take you to the Requests section, where all pending requests will be listed.

2> Clicking on this link will directly take you to the Requests section page. Remember, if you are already not logged into your Facebook account, you’ll be prompted to log in before you can take a look at all the pending requests.


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