eSnips is a social sharing site where users can share, sell, promote and market their digital creations to a large belt of online communities. eSnips is one of the most potent online platforms through which users can give a bent to their creativity by expressing their art forms through a widespread means of social networking site. This multi-utility application is immensely optimized as a major social networking site, online storage site and online sharing site. Via the platform of eSnips, users can exhibit their talent and gain a prompt acknowledgement for it.

eSnips is a powerful media dashboard loaded with inbuilt eSnips communities and other forums which users can simply exploit to make friends, stay in touch with old colleagues, display their content for massive feedbacks and raise their voice in various discussion topics. In eSnips you can upload almost all major formatting types including, picture, PDF, flash file, ZIP / RAR files, video, audio on huge online space, as large a 5 GB. Esnips allows you to create different folders representing your different areas of interest and win over audiences and fans for the same.

eSnips profile, like other social networking site can be divided into the main profile page, folders and communities. Profile is the page for putting your personal details on display. Further, folders are representative of your areas of interest and talent and communities are reflective of your affiliations and beliefs. This application is also loaded with other features like playlist, widgets, blogs and photo albums.

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