iRemotePC is an efficient remote access service that offers you unrestricted access to your system. With this multi-utility application you can thoroughly access all your system files from any web browser located at a distance. You can now have immediate access to all your important files saved in your desktop, documents, and email in real time. The striking benefit of this application is that it allows users to have an instant access to their systems no matter how far they are located.

The advanced inbuilt features of this application allow you to gain a secured full view of your home / office PC. You also get the benefit of transferring and synchronizing the files back and forth between your remote PC and local PC. You can easily send across numerous files via any web browser. Additionally, you can also invite guests to your system to directly share files with them. This saves you from wasting time in uploading large sized files and then sending them as emails.

Apart from the above features, this application is loaded with some unique features. Some of these advanced features are, quick access to IE favorites, advanced computer management tools, File Manager, desktop file sharing. IRemotePC has stringent provisions to enhance the security of your system files. Its end-to-end 128 bit security is an extremely advanced feature that ensures the security of your transferred and saved files. Further, it maintains protection codes against every file for its utmost security. The application provides a detailed and organized logging and auditing system as well.

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