If you are RadioOne listener, then there is no way you would have missed Ghanta Singh. Any time of the day, what ever mood you are in, where ever you are, you burst out laughing the moment you listen to Ghanta Singh’s prank calls!

I was really curious to figure out who this character is. A few keywords here n there, a bit of sneaking on couple of blogs, I got some of his pictures and found tons of his prank calls online.

If you want to friend Ghanta Singh, try sending a friend request to his Facebook Profile, not sure if he’ll add strangers, but definitely worth a try :).

Listen to some of Ghanta Singh’s wittiest prank calls online.

And here are some pictures of Ghanta Singh:

If you are wondering what life with Ghanta Singh will be like, then this link should help you figure 🙂



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