Who is the youngest blogger ever you’ve known ?

Stanislaw “Stas” Gunkel is the youngest blogger I’ve heard of. He started blogging at the age of 5 n half !! And now the 7 year old, got a mail from US president Barack Obama which had nothing but praises and advices.

President Obama’s advice to him was:

“Dear Stas, Thank you for your kind words and for your support. I am impressed with your interest in politics, especially at your young age. I encourage you to visit my website kids.barackobama.com to learn more about everything we’re doing to make your family’s future even brighter.

I leave you with three bits of advice that will make your life more fulfilling: Look out for other people, even when it does not directly benefit you; strive to make a difference everywhere you go; and get back up every time you are knocked down.

Thanks again for writing to me. Seeing young people like you who care about making things better inspires me and gives me great hope about the future of our country and our world. Sincerely, Barack Obama”

Blogging these days is surely more powerful than being just a personal dairy as what they were when they kicked off :).

Way to go Stas !!


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