Why Can’t I See The Pictures I Uploaded On Flickr, When I Search For Them ?

Recently, a user told me that he was unable to search the pictures he had uploaded to his new Fickr account. It was more than a day since he had uploaded the pics and he was worried why they weren’t showing up ?

The reason for this is, his account had not yet passed the “Safe” test yet. All new accounts are set to different categories, like – safe, moderate and unsafe.

To see what your status is, find ‘You’ on top of the page when you login to your account and select ‘Your Account‘ page and you’ll find the status.

Why Can

Safe” means you have been a good person and are posting pictures that are well moderated and hence any pictures you post will automatically be included in the safe search.

Moderate” means, once in a while you put pictures that should not be in the safe search and hence the status.

Unsafe” is an account which has a lot of offensive content, not suitable for most of the other people on Flickr.

If your account is fairly new, then it might take a while before your account is reviewed and till it is reviewed and declared “Safe”, you pics will not be available in the SafeSearch of Flickr.

It normally takes around 4 – 5 photos for the system to trigger an account review. You have no option but wait till your account is reviewed.


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