Will a facebook user know if someone clicks on their pictures or surfs their profile ?

If you are new to Facebook, then you might have some questions running in your head, especially if you have been a part of other social networks earlier. The concept of Social bookmarking is the core of face book, but it offers a lot more security when compared to other social networks like bebo.

One of the common question I get is: users want to know if they search for a particular name/person on Facebook, and click on one of the result that turns up, whether that person will know if someone has clicked on their profile or browsed through their pictures/profile.

Few things you need to know here is, by default all the profiles are private, which means only those in the friends list can see and browse through detailed content and not everyone. If someone has chosen to let their profile be public (so that anyone can access), they would have done for a reason.

Next coming back to the actual question, Facebook does not provide any means to track who has visited the users profile. So there is no way any one find who visited their profile or browsed through their pictures or albums. The question doesn’t rise at all as Facebook has a high level of Security and Privacy.

I have not come across any Apps that can do this either as the API’s provided by the Facebook for the Application developers doesn’t specifically define any such API.

Now this doesn’t mean that everyone should start spying unnecessarily 😉

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  • louis

    haw do i know if any of my friends are on line when I am on?

  • @Louis – When you login in to face book, at the right bottom corner you’ll find a small green dot, which will tell you how many friends are online. Clicking on it will expand it and give details of who is online. I’ll cover this shortly.

    Louis – wrote this article for you How to know if any of my friends are online when I am online

  • mark

    how do i find out who has viewed my pictures on my facebook page?

  • Andy

    @mark it was explained in the articles that you cant see who looked at your pictures.

  • g

    i’m confused! it seems that most poeple agree that if you search for someone who isn’t your friend on facebook and look at their photos/ friends list etc, they have no way of knowing. however, poeple are saying there’s certain applications or privacy settings which allow you to see who has viewed your profile. what’s the truth? sorry if you have to repeat yourself but i really want to be clear before i search for someone and they think i’m a stalker lol

  • Kooky Duke

    i have a question. if you add someone to your top friends on facebook, does it notify them?

  • how do i find out when some one is looking at my facebook?

  • rabin

    how do i find out who has viewed my pictures on my facebook page?

  • Julie

    My husband says he knows that I looked someone up on Facebook. How would he know that?

  • @Julie – It is not possible. Past history is not available on Facebook. If you have sent anyone a message, or a poke, these will be there in your messages list etc,. If you just browsed through someone’s profile, there is no way on can know about this.

  • Djon

    Hi Julie, not possible via facebook, but if you have done it and not cleared history in IE he can see page view. Also he may have a key stroke/web logger installed in the background

  • Brownhairedbeauty


    Yes, this is the most logical thing I can think of. It’s not that facebook tracked your views, your computer did (in it’s history) & your husband was able to see it.

    I just wanted to add…That I have searched people up before and they have shown up in the “People you may know” section. I am wondering if this works both ways. Like, I go to look someone up & show up in their “People you may know” section. I don’t like that.

  • Ange

    if you frequently visit somene’s profile (like your boyfriend’s ex for example :)), do you show in their “people you may know” box? Please tell me that because I have the feeling that it shows and that would be really embarassing…

  • @Ange – ‘People you may know’ are ‘ a list of possible’ common friends between you and other friends in your list. It has nothing to do with how many times you visit anyone.

  • Ange

    Ok, thank you for the fast reply! But then why some people, that you have much less friends in common, appear in that box and not people that you have like 15 friends in common? I really hope it’s a random thing…

  • @Ange – It is a random thing for sure. Even people with 15 friends in common will show up, sometimes we do not pay all the attention required to notice that. If you have any more queries, you can shoot them.

  • Stacey

    I am very new to Facebook.I havent had it all these years and decided to get it a few days ago.Once I got my profile I search a person,found their profile and looked under their friends.I found that I knew one of their friends,clicked on their profile and checked out the groups they were part of etc even though their profile is like private because she doesnt come up on the search bar and you cant see her personal details or anything.I want to know if this person whos groups etc I looked at will be notified that I looked at her profile.I checked on Facebook Help Center but theres conflicting answers. The one says it is impossible to know who has viewed your profile and the other says if you install this application you can know who viewed your profile but your actions will be known by the apllication.which one is true?please help me,i am not stalking anyone.I just checked to see if this girl was on Facebook but she does not like me and now I’m scared shes going to know I went on her profile and start rumours about me.Thank you for your time.

  • addy

    just reading you comments and can tell me if I browse someone on facebook but do not add them, will they appear on people you may know at a later dateThanks

  • @Addy – according to the latest algorithm, there is possibility that it might show up in “people you know list”

  • BEM

    I believe that if you search it will show up in the “people you know list” because there is a lady who keeps showing up that I work with… I have never searched for her and she does not know anyone from my family. Most of my friends are family members. I do not have any co-workers as friends. I believe she searched for me and that is why she is showing up as people I may know.

  • hmm

    I had someone I know from work pop up on my People You May KNow List (and pretty high up, like the 5th person)

    We have zero mutual friends, and I have never searched for his profile!

    The rest of the people on the list, I have at least 4, if not 5 or many more mutual friends with, so it seems a little weird this name came up at all…

    Maybe the algorithm does pick up on people who’ve looked for you… which would be unfortunate as I have been facebook stalking some other people! ugh

  • Ange

    Exactly Hmm! I’ve noticed that I’ve been showed people in the people you may know box that I have no friends in common. Which means that facebook shows people who has looked at their profile in the people you may know box. And that really sux.
    I’ve notice that I had this group of people that i was interested in for some personal reasons and after some time that I was checking their profiles they all closed their profiles! I am pretty sure that I started popping up as people you may know to them!

  • An

    I’ve noticed that a person who is from my past and with whom I do not have any mutual friends on Facebook showed up in the people you may know box. The only way it could happen if he has checked my profile. We have been living in different countries for many years and did not contact at all. So, I guess Facebook somehow tracks the visits! That’s not good.

  • anon

    ‘people you might know’ feature.
    when joining facebook. how does it know the people you might know when i have literally skipped all the steps, havn’t even put my schools in and even if it looked through my email, their emails have never been on my email account? the only reason i can think of is that it’s because they’ve searched you but does that mean everyone i search for, i will come up on their people you might know? that’s not fair!

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  • Moe Townman

    Poeopl you may know is like six degrees of Kevin Bacon, so if you think that you can’t be linked because you have no mutuals, that’s wrong… it will recommend friends of friends of friends, also you may have joined some similar interests and live near that person. It may be that they have searched you, who knows, who cares, perhaps a coworker thinks they might know you from somewhere or they wonder if by chance you have mutual friends, you do live near eachother if you work at the same place, perhaps you were cited in a company photo from the xmas party, people get all weird about this stuff… it doesn’t meant they are sitting in their underwear “googlin” everything they can find about you and obsessing.

  • Cidem

    every internet browser, (firefox, internet explorer)keeps a history. There it is; where you have been.. every web page, every friend who visited in Fb, every url, every picture you have opened, in chronological order… You can delete the whole history or item by item.

  • Cidem

    Dear Gautam, Internet browser’s history keeps everything.. Look there !

  • Samdrea

    i think it picks through your email contacts then snakes through your contacts’ addresses and on and on and then voala people you may know

  • Kat

    Ok, so you have answered questions regarding people not being able to know when someone has viewed their pics on FB, however, I would like to know if someone could know if you have looked at pics that they have sent you via an email. Some chick that is after my bf sent him some bikini pics, and keeps telling him that she is thrilled that he keeps looking at her pics. Is that really possible if he did look at them, that she would know or is she full of S**t like we think? Thanks.

  • Dr.Boom13

    The facebook stalkers are all nervous. Everyone on facebook is a stalker one way or another, it’s one of the principles of social networking. Who gives a fuck about what other people think and live your lives.

  • Jorge

    Holy!!I’ve been stalking my ex’s wall for a couple of days and I just hope she doesn’t use those apps to get at me!! Do apps really wOrk to tell you has been stalking you?

  • hey if i download pics which im tagged in, does the person who uploaded it know i downloaded their pics?

  • @Heman – No, the person will not know about it.

  • Josh

    Hey, just wondering if there is a way to know if someone has blocked me, or if they have deleted their facebook profile altogether. The symptoms of those 2 things seem to be pretty similar, but I’d like to know which it is if possible.

  • OK well i have been looking at my ex’s profile and we are not friends on facebook anymore, but because we have mutual friends i was still able to access her profile. I checked her profile and it looks like she blocked me,im wondering if she found out that i was looking at her facebook. Is it possible that she was able to access info on a application about who is stalking her page on facebook?

  • Jill

    I’m just wondering though how this theory works, I for instance have looked at a guy I like page a lot and I do come up reguarly, though we talk mostly non publically, and only recently has he started coming up on my page, is that because he’s looking at my page or me looking at this page. He hadnt come up before that. very odd. And what Ive noticed is, the same people come up with the whole time.

  • Loco hombre

    FB is definitely “suggesting” people who view your profile in the “people you may know” section. It is not just friends of friends. A person who I have never met nor been in contact except 1 email is always my top suggested friend. I know he is repeatedly stalking me online. This is very scary.

  • Mr S. Talker

    @Moe Townman

    It does in my case.

  • Mr S. Talker

    @Moe Townman

    That’s a joke btw

  • Brian

    If someone comments on one of my photos in my facebook album and I respond to their comment do all my facebook friends automatically see these comments?

  • LP

    “FB is definitely “suggesting” people who view your profile in the “people you may know” section.” I agree that this is true based on my recent experience with a person that I looked up and he sent me a friend request right after I did, and we don’t have common friends.

  • star

    A person who is not on my friend list but is on my friend’s friend list…if i visit their profile page and photos…would they know?

  • @Star – No, they won’t know you are looking at their profile page / photo. However, chances are there that you might be suggested as a person they know by FB…

  • cikkupeppi

    Is there a way such that when I type something in the search list, only my friends come up please? Coz when I type, say ‘A’ a list of profiles I visited comes up and I want to see just my friends who’s name starts with an ‘A’. I have deleted the browser’s history several times … oh and it works both on IE and Firefox :S 10x

  • @cikkupeppi – Click on ‘Profile’ –> You’ll find ‘Friends’ in the left side bar, click on it –> A search box will load where you can find friends by their name.

  • zorro

    i have other question about facebook,.how to know that i have been blocked from seeing 1 of thier album,.other album are visible to me but some are hidden from me,.how can i know that? omg very disappointed that my exgirl pretending to me,.i didnt know that our realtionship being hidden on fb,.its only visible to me,.

  • a

    my question is……… if i look up a girl from my best friends profile (not mine) will I show up to her as people she might know? cause i believe that happened….lol

  • avio

    my question is how wil i know if a person is online, even if he/she is not on my friendlist………..n another one is tat how wil i know if my frnd request is been rejected or ignored……..

  • JJ

    I have been reading through all the comments and I get that people cannot ‘track’ that you have viewed their pics, but recently I viewed my ex’s mum’s profile as I needed a picture of my ex(defo not for me) and having had no contact with him or family for 10 years, his mum has poked me! Why would she do this randomly after all these years (mutual friends for almost 10 years too and no contact) if she didn’t know I had been looking. I was trying to be conspicuous and now worried. Please someone answer me? Thanks

  • @JJ – Though people cannot ‘track’ who’s viewing their profiles / photos, we cannot rule out that FaceBook is not tracking. I’m sure, it is one of the inputs when FB suggests friends / people who we can add. Similarly, they may also track downloads / picture saves, and use this data as input for various other suggestions like : poke / add friend etc.

    My 2 cents !

  • JJ

    I hope so – thanks Gautam!

  • @JJ – Welcome .. As of now, things are safe. Hope FB doesn’t decide to make that data publicly available :)

  • dhaya

    i am download one picture from another account but now i forget it account name so how i identified him profile plz tel me

  • dhaya

    i am download one picture from another account but now i forget it account name so how i identified him profile plz tel me .

  • Tony Hadley

    never mind who had “viewed” your pics….what about the people who “Flick-the-bean” and hand-shandy over ya pics???

  • LaLa

    if you find a friend tagged on another friends facebook photos, does this mean that the person has an account with facebook ? I cant seem to locate this person in the search bar….


  • MK

    If you accidentally hit “like” on someones Facebook profile picture you are not friends with, are they notified? I clicked “unlike” immediately but then also blocked the person because it would be embarrassing for them to look me up considering we only have one friend in common.

  • @MK – An option is available in everyone’s setting, that’ll allow them to be notified if anyone ‘likes’. If that’s turned ON, then yes, they’ll be notified. But if you managed to block them, then your profile will not be visible to them. However, the email / notification will show your name. So the person will know your name.

    Did you try un-liking ? Un – liking will not stop them from knowing who liked their picture, but will avoid others knowing that you did it.

  • Roxico

    Yup they’ll be able to see who clicked on them ^^ But If’cha blocked them then they won’t be able to see If’cha pressed liked but they’ll be able to see what your Facebook name is ^^ (If they have ” send to email when someone likes your status ” enabled)

  • cyrus

    any updates to the question above: Will a facebook user know if someone clicks on their pictures or surfs their profile ?

  • karan

    photos want for facebook

  • shannon

    if download a photo from a friend on facebook will they know that i have done this.

  • Chris

    ok well I had this girl block me and she said it was cuz I viewed her profile too much and it was creepy and I did infact view her profile alot like I never comment or liked stuff just looked at tne page and pics so if it is pretty much impossible for ppl to see when u view there page or pics then how did she kno

  • manish

    is there any way to check the profole of anybody who has blocked me on facebook??????//

  • abi

    thank you soo much I was gonna start freaking out if you wouldve said yea. Phew

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