Scavenger hunts are loads of fun, but are quite rare at higher levels, when you have passed out of those backyard parties. That is exactly why Intel has come out with this novelty idea of scavenger hunt mainly for its Smartphone users. Here, we are speaking about a contest only for the authorized residents of the US who are above 18 years. It is important that participants have not made any kind of shopping solely for the purpose of entering the contest.

It is quite a thrilling activity intended to find out how the company score’s in the eyes of the public basically at their activity levels. The only requirement is an iPhone or any other phone with MMS facility. You need to follow three basic steps in order to enter the contest.

First is to collect pictures related to Intel, go on to adding as many points as you increase the number of images and at last you stand a great chance to win many exciting prices!

Don’t you think it is easy? Various Intel ads carry many points within them, and with Intel’s Insight iPhone app, it is possible to trace them. The points need to be accumulated by clicking any of the Intel related pictures. You also can trace the hints that guide you to the next set of points. Although it is basically an iPhone users contest, non iPhone users too are free to take part. For further details they can MMS ‘CORE’ to ‘6174604517’ and get on with the hunt.

Employees of the Intel Corp. or their near relatives are not eligible to take part in this contest. The sponsors are Intel Corporation, 5000W Chandler Blvd, Chandler AZ 85226, Administrator.ePrize, LLC, One ePrize Drive, Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069. The duration of the contest is 16th Sept 2010, 12 am, Eastern Time [ET] to 30th Nov, at 11.59ET. The official time keeper is Ansible Mobile’s computer.

You initially fill up the application, which can be found at any Apple Appstore, and during the course of the filling, you will be furnished with various hints to guide you further. These hints may be a detail of an object called Asset, which have been formed by the sponsor. As you accumulate your points, you will be intimated through the application itself. This was the procedure for iPhone users.

For non-iPhone users, after they type, they will be asked if they would opt for Intel insight and on consent, they will receive three messages a week throughout the contest. Once you consent to take part, you will need to furnish them with your details, and your hints too will come through messages. Here also you will need to collect points.

In case you wish to drop out of the contest, then text ‘Stop- 617-460-5714 or ‘HELP’ in case of any queries. It is the sole right of the sponsorers to reject or disqualify any participants.

The attractive prices announced just tempt each one to take part!

Core i7E level – If you are the lucky on to reach this level, then you can win yourself a brand new Intel Core i5 processor based laptop.

The rest of them will be eligible for BestBuy cards and the denominations are as follows:

Core i7 level – lucky 2 will get $250 BestBuy Cards.

Core i5 level – 5 of them will get $100 BestBuy gift cards.

Core i3 level – 10 get lucky who get anywhere between 500 to 2499 points win$25 BestBuy Cards.

Hints are usually hidden in the pictures you click!

Want the insight application for your iPhone ? Download it from here.



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