Windows 7 Does Not Support System With Display Resolution Lower Than 600 Pixels

If you are going to buy a notebook or PC, then you must consider the display resolution of the system. Recently, Microsoft has released the post that Windows 7 and Windows Vista rejects display resolution lower than 600 pixels. So if you want to install windows 7 or Vista Operating System on your computer, then ensure that display resolution is higher than 600 pixels.

Technically, windows 7 operating system refuses all the changes that you made in DPI (Dots per Inch). Therefore, you need to take care of the resolution of your system before installing windows 7 or Vista operating system. The ideal screen resolution must be higher than 600 pixels vertically in order to run windows 7 on your computer properly.

Usually when you alter the settings of DPI from “Control Panel’>> Personalization>> Adjust font Size” on Windows Vista, or “Control Panel>>Display” on Windows 7, you might have noticed that required change does not get implemented correctly. The reason is that if the display resolution of your system is lower than 600 pixels, then it will not implement the changes correctly.

In order to avoid these kinds of disturbance and interruption, it is recommended for the users to buy the device, which has display a resolution of more than 600 pixels vertically.


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