Windows 7 Providing Exciting New Features As Well As Audio Improvements

 Windows 7 is a more advanced evolution of Windows Vista. On a quick glance, you will understand that Microsoft has been successful at tackling the problems that arose in Vista, for example hardware and software compatibility, and system stability, etc.

Windows 7 comes with some new features which make it easier for controlling and managing purpose. The most interesting fact regarding Windows 7 is that the improvements and alterations in the digital audio system.

According to Microsoft, barely any users enable taskbar control which is present in Windows Media Player. So, Microsoft has focused for improving as well as developing is this field, especially in the controlling system. Windows Media Player new version has developed a new taskbar known as miniviewer which is compatible with the taskbar of new Windows 7. Repositioning of few buttons and toolbar has been made in the latest Windows Media Player.

The withdrawal of the button called Now Playing is a major change which in was present in earlier versions. It now switches into a view which shows the current playlist. A lighter and brighter user interface has been provided in recent Windows Media Player. In the most recent version Microsoft offered a wide range of support of video format than ever before.

Previously, Windows Media Player always promoted the Windows Media format. It ignored the non-Microsoft formats, but the new version gives us added support for many new formats as H.264 video, Xvid , DivX video and AAC audio.

With the new support feature available, the users can generally use Windows Media Player in order to run most of the videos that are available in the Internet. Users can have the benefit of enjoying music from iTunes Libraries as well as play iTunes media. A major ease-of-use is provided by Windows 7 in the field of networked music. By using Windows Media Player version 12, the users can now easily stream media. It can be done from any PC supporting Windows 7 connected to network devices. For example Sonos box which supports Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) of version 1.5, and vice-versa.

Besides other significant changes made in Windows Media Player, Microsoft Windows 7 also has done an improvement in the area of digital audio system if viewed from other angles. It has now added Bluetooth audio driver by which users can technically attach Bluetooth enabled devices with Bluetooth speakers as well as Bluetooth headphones.

More features has been added by Microsoft in windows 7 to provide more effective libraries management system for managing or organizing music files. The new added feature will find and arrange same types of files from your PC and from other PCs too that are present in your network. It will be kept in one single virtual folder. If by any chance the user forgets to keep their music files in their MyMusic folder, they can still relocate it as it will be present in the folder of virtual Music Library. Improved music wall feature is provided in Windows 7.


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