Being organized improves your productivity. If you can digg out things easily without having to spend a lot of time, you can concentrate more on the job you have to perform instead of wasting time on things that are not necessary.

Anand Agarawala, has been working a bumptop, which is a replacement for linux’s 3D-Desktop. He first demoed his ‘product in TED conference in 2007, where it was well accepted.

Now after two years of testing and fine tuning the product, he has released the final version of the product in the market.

There are two versions – a free and paid. I just downloaded the free version and have been playing around, and I am totally amazed by the way things can be organized. You can do more than one cool stuff with this software.

I probably will try the paid version soon, which will unlock the capacity to put as many sticky notes as possible. But sticky notes do not have reminder alarm or something similar, which should be added in future releases (hottnotes sticky is my fav for this reason).

I tried it on my laptop and was really amazed, imagine what a great experience it will be for all those who have a touch-screen monitor. They are sure to experience the Windows 7 effect !!


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